Lab Services

Back to Home Lab services give you the ease and safety of receiving necessary diagnostic tests from a top-notch lab in the conveniences of your own home.

If your physician needs a lab drawn… and you are unable to visit his office… you can ask your physician to send the lab requisition to Back to Home Healthcare Services and we can come out and draw your specimen and the results will be sent to your physician in a timely manner.
Back to Home Healthcare Services puts a lot of effort into offering sharp end, affordable, and high-quality lab services, which are essential for delivering first-rate patient care. All of our patients receive accurate testing from our lab service, which enhances diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring. Patients can relax knowing that they will receive clinically useful findings quickly. When you choose to use our services, we ensure that you have a hassle-free, safe, and pleasant experience by arriving at your home completely prepared for testing and assistance. 

We are Officially licensed to perform the following Lab Services: